If you try and play Frogger for real, there's a good chance you will get injured like a woman in Janesville.

Frogger was one of my favorite video games.

If I ever go to a "retro" arcade and they have it, I immediately start playing it.

Whenever I'm getting ready to cross a busy street, Frogger pops into my head.

Of course, it's nothing like the game.

Somebody would have to be a little crazy to try and play Frogger in real life. Right?

According to gazettextra.com,

"A 20-year-old Janesville woman who suffered hip fractures and a large laceration on her arm might have been playing “human Frogger” during cruise night on Friday."

The story is the woman was running back and forth across the busy street several times when finally a car couldn't stop in time and hit her.

Her excuse to the police was she had to go to the bathroom really bad.

After being transported to the hospital, she was given a ticket for sudden pedestrian movement into traffic, which carries a $162.70 fine and a non-mandatory court date.

The Janesville Police have received reports of a game of "Human Frogger" being played previously across the six lanes of traffic.

At least it isn't Rockford.


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