The Italian beef sandwich is one of my favorites of all time so I'm looking for the best places in the Rockford area.

The Italian Beef Sandwich Is A Famous & Popular Illinois Food

When it comes to food from Illinois there are some pretty famous ones. Of course, you've got the Chicago-style hot dog and deep-dish pizza. You definitely can't forget the last member of the big three and that's the Italian beef sandwich. There was even a hit streaming show about it called "The Bear." I can't wait for the next season to start.

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You can find amazing Italian beef sandwiches all across Illinois, especially in the Rockford area. It seems like everyone has their favorite. I'm a huge fan, so I wanted to find out about some places that people in our community love. Recently, I did a survey on social media and found some tasty new places to try out.

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Chicago Italian Beef
Best Italian Beef Sandwiches In Illinois

The Top 9 Places For Italian Beef Sandwiches In The Rockford Area

#9 Uncle Nicks - Rockford

  • Even though they're famous for their gyros, I can vouch that their Italian beef is very underrated.

#8 Mark's Pizza - Rockton

  • You can't go wrong with this place because everything is delicious including the beef.

#7 The Dari Company - Hebron

  • I love when a restaurant like this one pops into my list. Now, I have a new place to check out and road trips are always fun.

#6 Napoli's Pizza - Machesney Park & Loves Park

  • They have two locations so double the tasty goodness. Their beef came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint.

#5 Windsor Pizza Parlor - Loves Park

  • Not only is their Italian beef sandwich good but they also put it on pizza. I give that a thumbs up too.

#4 Tom & Jerry's - Rockford, Machesney Park, Loves Park, & Belvidere

  • I've been a fan for a long time. They remind me of a hot dog stand in Chicago.

#3 Ringo's - Durand

  • I've heard a lot of good things. They are definitely on my radar. Next time I'm in Durand, I'll be stopping.

#2 Portillo's - Rockford

  • The kings of the Italian beef sandwich.

#1 State Street Subs - Belvidere

  • They got the most mentions in my survey, so they've been added to my "must-try" list.

What's your favorite Italian beef Sandwich?

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