You probably only change your email passwords when your employer tells you that you need to, but you might want to change those passwords today. 

Passwords are the bane of my existence. I know I'm not alone. I spend more time trying to remember my passwords, or looking to see where I wrote them down then I actually need to spend using whatever account I'm locking myself out of.

I love websites that let you keep the same password forever and only have a few requirements when you're setting them up, however, those might be the passwords that end up getting us hacked.

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According to a new study, by security focused Wi-Fi router provider, pcWRT,  those of us that live in Illinois are not in a good spot with our passwords. We're very 'hackable.'

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In fact, out of the 50 states here in the U.S., we are the number five WORST state on the list. Whoops.

Don't blame yourself, there's a lot of us here, including me, that always want to use the simplest password to just get to the next task.

But, we have to try a little harder.

How Can We Be More Secure with our Wi-Fi?

According to pcWRT, there are two easy things we can do to get a better score in 'hackability.'

First, stop using your default password for your router. C'mon though, you know that right? No one wants to type PFJDKG72895792879JSJHKJHDF238795832 every time they get a new device? (I'm not even sure that's an exaggeration...)

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Second, we need to be using a VPN to access secure Wi-Fi.

That one is a bit harder, but you can do it!

Also, maybe just change all your passwords today and start fresh. Are you with me?

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