You heard that right, Illinois has found itself among the top 20 most vulnerable states in America.  Again, a list we wish didn't exist.

Scams have become an unfortunate reality in our vastly-evolving digital world.  With all the new, advanced technology that has taken over, people are bound to fall victim to all sorts of scams every day.


According to WalletHub, the statistics are pretty alarming.  Illinois is a really vulnerable state, that's what I learned from this report.

Top 20 States Most Vulnerable To Scams, Illinois Joins List

I've talked about tons of scams to watch out for that have made it to Illinois, like the carjacking scammoney on your door handle scamgift card scams, and the saddest one: the fake online romance scams.

From high credit card fraud rates, to social media scams, to phishing attempts, and identity theft incidents.... Illinois made it among the most targeted states for scammers.

GO FIGURE - we ranked #18 on the list.  At least we aren't in the top 5 lol.  That's the only thing going for us at this point, am I wrong?

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Which other states made the list of states most likely to get scammed?


  1. District of Columbia 
  2. Delaware
  3. Louisiana
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Colorado
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Georgia
  8. Alabama
  9. Florida
  10. New York
  11. Maryland
  12. Texas
  13. California
  14. Nevada
  15. Nebraska
  16. Minnesota
  17. Tennessee

Dang, Wisconsin ranked #40... must be nice.

Just remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

No, your family member is not in jail and needs money wired through Western Union.

No, you do not have a warrant out for your arrest or have to pay $5,000 to wipe it off your "record."

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Be vigilant and don't be a victim of scams this year.  Let's try to get Illinois off this list!

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