Rumor has it, this family-owned business in Rockford, Illinois might have the best deep fried Oreo sundae you can't find anywhere else.

I was running some work errands with my coworker the other day and we happened to drive by Sweets 'N Eats over by State and Perryville in Rockford.  I've been in a few times, but never took a look at their desserts.


I was so overwhelmed by the huge menu, so I just asked the girl at the register to surprise me with the most Instagram-worthy dessert.  Boy, she didn't disappoint!

Rockford Sweets Shop Might Have The Best Deep Fried Dessert In America

Ever craved six deep fried Oreos with fudge, whipped cream, Oreo crumbs, and ice cream before?  Tempting, I know.

Now's your chance to try it at Sweets 'N Eats, located at 7096 Walton St, Rockford.


MOUTHWATERING TO SAY THE LEAST!  It's definitely a sweetness overload I didn't know I needed in my life.  After taking one bite I had to share with my coworker, Dave.

He said,

"It was REALLY good, quite the Oreo rush!"

Yes, he is absolutely right.  Let me just show you how big this thing is compared to me!


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Honestly, we couldn't finish the entire sundae, but I would 100% get it again when I'm craving something extra sweet.  The flavors were delightful!

They also have these monstrous funnel cakes with ice cream that I need to get my hands on.  It's not a maybe, it's a must.

Sweets 'N Eats - FB
Sweets 'N Eats - FB

I also found other local spots in Rockford that have delicious desserts you can try, too!  Johnny Pamcakes has an Eskimo waffle with ice cream, whipped cream, and fruit and Candy Cloud always has new ice cream drinks getting added to their menu.

Happy indulging!

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