A 10-year-old from South Beloit, Illinois named Caleb Grimaldi has been growing an impressive mullet for over two years, and now he's gunning to be crowned the National Mullet Champ.

"Proud Mullet-Loving American Boy"

I live in a small town so I can say with absolute authority that Caleb Grimaldi is your typical small-town loving boy, (and I love it!)  He loves Luke Combs, riding dirt bikes, playing sports like baseball and football, and he LOVES the USA!

While there are many things that make Caleb Grimaldi special, the one thing that sets him apart from so many others is his love for his "Mulletron".

For those that are wondering, "Mulletron" is the name Caleb has given his extraordinary mullet...

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Provided Photo
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Provided Photos, Canva

Yesterday we received a message from Caleb's mom Angie telling us that Caleb is in the running to win the USA Mullet Championship competition for kids, and she was wondering if we could help. Well, Angie and Caleb, let's make this happen!

What Is the USA Mullet Championships?

The USA Mullet Championships host different online competitions for men, women, kids, and teens with amazing mullets at certain points throughout the year all to raise money for Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors. In July they highlight the best kid and teen mullets throughout the nation, and Caleb just made it into the top 100!

Cool Things to Know About Caleb Grimaldi

When I asked Caleb's mom Angie to tell us some fun things about her son, here is what she said;

Caleb is currently enrolled to be a 5th grader at Willowbrook this fall but Caleb’s main passion is sports and is very excited to start his 3rd year playing football with his beloved Jr Indians 💜💛and he is an even bigger fan of the Chicago Bears. He is one of the most patriotic boys and will always stand for the National Anthem even while watching it on tv.

He also plays for Stateline Baseball and He loves the sport of Jiu Jitsu. His love and knowledge of sports is amazing.

When Caleb enjoys free time he loves hunting, Fishing, camping and of course making s’mores over an open campfire

He loves all types of music from AC/DC to Luke Combs with Luke Combs being his all time favorite.

Doesn't Caleb sound like an awesome kid who deserves our mullet-loving votes? I sure think so! You can vote daily for Caleb and Mulletron to make it to the next round of finalists by clicking here.

Good luck, Caleb, and keep that fabulous mullet growing!

UPDATE as of July 21, 2023: We received a message from Caleb's mom Angie that said;

He did make it to Round 2!!! Voting starts July 20-24.

Keep those votes coming daily for Caleb Grimaldi by clicking here!

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