An Illinois drive-in currently listed among the best in the U.S. is offering movie fans a chance to rent a bed.

No, it's not THAT type of bed.

Drive-In Saved From Demolition

Gibson City sits about 40 miles eest of the Bloomington-Normal area in Central Illinois. While the town may only be home to 3,400 people, it pulls in enough traffic from the surrounding area to support a drive-in movie theater.

The Harvest Moon Drive-In opened in 1954 and is still operating today. It is currently one of two Illinois drive-ins ranked among the top 10 in the country by USA Today readers.

The road to get to this point, however, was a bit of a bumpy ride. USA Today noted what was once 4,000 drive-in movie theaters in the country has been whittled down to less than 400.

Harvest Moon nearly met its fate in the 1980s when it was slated for demolition. A local theater owner saved it, allowing for the drive-in to continue operating, today.

How To Rent A Bed From Harvest Moon Drive-In?

Among the features that help make Harvest Moon appealing are its unique promotions. For example, the drive-in is rounding out May with a "celebration of pickles."

One of Harvest Moon's ongoing promotions allows movie fans to rent beds to enjoy the showings. The "beds" have been removed the back of pick-up trucks and positioned in front of the giant movie screen.

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Think of it as a comfy way to experience a drive-in movie under the stars without having to own a truck.

For $35, movie-goers can get use of the bed, an air mattress with a sheet and a radio to hear the audio from whatever is playing on the screen.

It beats having to invite that coworker who owns a truck that you really don't like anyway.

Harvest Moon Drive-In is open Fridays through Sundays through Memorial Day. After that, it will be open every night of the week regardless of the weather.

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