Talk about needing a drink. I guess if you watched this team, and judging by the attendance numbers you didn't, you needed something to help make the viewing a bit more palatable.

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It's probably because they were so bad or maybe it's because the franchise has just kind of floundered since winning the World Series.

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Maybe it's because ownership is disliked by the fanbase or maybe a combination of everything leading White Sox fans to drink, like a lot.

Posted on Reddit and titled Which MLB Fans Drink the Most? Chicago White Sox fans drink more than any other team in baseball.

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Averaging 4.2 drinks per game and spending about $46 on booze they qualify as super blasted.

Interestingly, the Chicago Cubs, who just about every non-Cubs fan derides Wrigley Field as The World's Largest Beer Garden rank as the 14th drinkiest in the MLB.

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Maybe that has something to do with all the bars surrounding Wrigley meaning fans are getting their drink on before (and after) the game?

Milwaukee's major league team, the Brewers, a team named after a person who makes beer, is only the 10 most drunk in baseball.


That sad news leads one person on Reddit to comment "We've failed as a franchise" and another to say "Having been to a Brewers game, I don't believe the rankings. I guess the parking lot beers don't count."

What is the drunkest fan base in baseball? Is it the Cubs, Sox, Brewers, or another?

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