Summer in Rockford and the surrounding areas calls for a big ol' ice cream cone from a local ice cream shop in town!

My parents used to drive out of the way just to go to Pug Dog's Diner in Machesney Park.  They had the best sprinkle cone on the planet, no joke!  That was a core memory from my childhood, if only it still existed!  I'd do anything to get an ice cream cone from there one more time.

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Let's talk about ice cream shops that are open for summer, though!  Where should we go if we're trying to satisfy our sweet tooth?

Scooping Up Joy: Discover the Rockford Area's Top Ice Cream Shops

One of my favorite spots is Dairyhäus in Rockton.  They're so family-oriented and make you feel so special.  The owner, Brent, is so passionate about his creations and the experience makes the ice cream 10x better!

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Other local favorites in the Stateline?  Here are all the suggestions I got.

Why do we love ice cream in the Midwest so much?  It's a refreshing treat after a long day in the sun.  And who doesn't have a sweet tooth sometimes?!


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Plus, eating ice cream brings back happy memories from our childhoods. Whether it's in a cone, a cup, or a fancy sundae, or we're chasing the ice cream man down the street, it's always a highlight of summer time in Rockford.

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