On Sunday, June 2nd, at 4PM, Rockford crews will begin work to reduce the Auburn and Main roundabout from two lanes to one.

If you use the Auburn and Main roundabout frequently, think again before heading that way this weekend.  Here's everything we know about the intersection being closed for reconfiguration.

Auburn & Main Roundabout Will Close Sunday To Convert Into One-Lane

Google Street View
Google Street View

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The City of Rockford officials announced this reconfiguration as part of their 'Pilot Program' to control the amount of crashes occurring at this roundabout.  There are multiple crashes every month at Auburn and Main.

Will cutting it down to one lane really help locals?  This is the only two-lane roundabout in town, so the issue might be that locals are unfamiliar with navigating two lanes.

Over the years, there have been more than a dozen accidents in the Memorial Circle alone; the center of the roundabout.  It has become the norm!

"The roundabout was constructed in 2013 at a cost of $7.5 million, to replace a signal-controlled intersection. It was dedicated as Veterans Memorial Circle in honor of 527 soldiers buried at the neighboring Greenwood Cemetery. A Civil War soldier statue that originally adorned the roundabout was moved downtown." [MyStateline]

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Sure, there will be delays and longer waits to get through the intersection once it is condensed to a single lane, but it might just be what Rockford needs to prevent so many accidents from happening!

Many are not happy with the decision, but this could be the start of something better.  The one-lane roundabout is expected reopen on Monday, June 3rd at 6AM.

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