I would never recommend that you do something that results in you going to prison, but I definitely would hate to see you be put behind bars for mowing your lawn outside of the hours it's legal in Illinois. While that's a bit of an exaggeration, you really can get busted if you mow your lawn in Illinois outside of certain time periods.

What hours is it legal for you to mow your lawn in Illinois?

Here's the deal. There's no one right answer. It depends on where you live. It should be clear that I'm not a lawyer so don't come to me for legal advice ever, but I can give you some accurate information on what certain places in Illinois advise and sometimes require when it comes to lawn mowing.

I found this interesting conversation on the lawncare sub-Reddit asking the same question about proper lawn mowing hours.

What are acceptable mowing hours?
by inlawncare

Here's a general answer that applies to most towns in Illinois from Lawn Hunt. They say that most Illinois places ask that you don't mow your lawn outside of the 8am until 7pm time during the week and 9am until 7pm on weekends.

However, there are exceptions and this goes back to what Illinois city you live in. Here's an example. Lake Bluff, Illinois has stricter lawn mowing guidelines. Their regulations say you can't mow your grass if you're a contractor except between 8am and 6pm Monday thru Friday and 9am until 6pm on weekends. Individuals can mow their lawn from 8am weekdays until dusk and 9am until dusk on weekends. There are different rules there for companies that have bigger and louder mowers than individuals who have push mowers.

The bottom line is you need to research your specific local Illinois regulations to know for sure when you can mow your grass without getting busted. 

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