When you listen to people living outside of Illinois, you would think everyone in the Land of Lincoln is fleeing to other states because of how bad it is to live here.

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But in reality, about half of the cities ranked in the Top 15 places to raise a family in America are in Illinois.

How Did They Determine Which Cities are the Best For Raising a Family

A ranking of hundreds of cities around the country by Niche uses data and stats like crime rates, public schools, amenities for families, and other sources to list which towns and villages around the U.S. are the best spots if raising a family is your goal.

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13 factors were considered when ranking areas around the country that are most desirable for a family unit.


Of the Top 15 Best Places to Raise a Family in America according to Niche, there were 7 Illinois locations on the list. Let's run down the Top 15 and see if you agree.

15 Best Places in America to Raise a Family

15 of the best communities in the United States to raise a family and 7 of them are located in Illinois.

Gallery Credit: Johnny Vincent

What do you think of the Top 15?


Personally, I can think of several communities and villages in the Rockford region that are great for families. Rockton and Roscoe both have great schools, some of the best parks in the state, and some of the most welcoming people you'll ever meet.

And let's not forget about Wisconsin. Beloit, Janesville, and Monroe are arguably some of the best places to raise a family.

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