Over time, we've seen many food items come and go in Illinois and Wisconsin. Sometimes, it's sad to see certain ones go. Others you've never tried in your life. Here are some foods that have been discontinued so far this year.

Foods hold a lot of childhood memories for us! When you move away from the area and can't access those tasty treats, it's one of the things you miss the most, besides family and friends.

But imagine if some of those lifelong favorite foods went away for good?

Foods That Are Discontinued in Illinois and Wisconsin 2024


You may not have noticed, or maybe you have, that some of your favorite foods are no longer available in stores around Illinois and Wisconsin since we entered into 2024.

There's nothing more heartbreaking than finding out one of the things your tastebuds love the most will never be available again.

Here are some favorite foods and popular restaurant menu items that are gone forever.

Fairlife Ice Cream

Atomic Fire Balls


The Atomic Fireball exploded on the candy scene in 1954. According to EatThis, "The cinnamon spheres were once one of the hottest candies on the market. But now, many sources are spreading the word that their production has been halted in 2023." There's been no official word from the manufacturer, Ferrara Candy Shop, about the candy being discontinued.


Sierra Mist


This was a staple in most people's childhood. Sure, there are other brands... but nothing hits the same quite like a Sierra Mist did.

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Silk Nog

In a comment on Silk's Facebook page asked "What happened to Silk Nog?" A reply from Silk confirmed the bad news. "I'm sorry our Nog has been discontinued," according to the post.

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AHA Sparkling Water


It's been confirmed that after a steep sales decline for the Coke-owned sparkling water AHA, the brand will be scaled back as they focus more on Topo Choco, according to Beverage Digest.


Dunkin Dunkaccino

Jalapeno Pringles

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Maple Cheerios

DQ Cherry Dipped Cones

McDonald's Apple Fritter

Nabisco Chocolate Wafers

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