People have tried to get the Chicago Blackhawks to change their name and logo for years. But this latest criticism of the name and logo could force the hand of Chicago's NHL team to actually make a change, here are the details...

According to an article from CBS News, a direct descendent of Black Hawk, the iconic war leader from Illinois, is calling on the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team to get rid of their current name and logo. According to the article, the great-granddaughter of Black Hawk wants the team to not only change the name and logo but also "make retribution" to her tribe.

Who was Black Hawk? According to the article "Black Hawk was a war leader and diplomat... He fought to try to prevent the United States from taking their land...Black Hawk lived and fought for his tribe in Rock Island, Illinois." The article goes on to mention that according to experts the Blackhawks logo is a historically inaccurate representation of what Black Hawk actually looked like, to read more about this story, click here! 

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Should the Blackhawks make the change?

No. I don't think they should. I understand why the Redskins and the Indians changed their names and logos, but the Blackhawks feel different. The name and logo are meant to honor and respect a great leader, and someone who has historical importance to this area of the country. I am a history buff (who was born and raised in Illinois) and I learned more about Black Hawk reading this article than I learned anywhere else, his legacy lives on with the team. We will see if the Blackhawks cave to the pressure put on them by the family of Black Hawk, but I would say, don't change.

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