This just in. Illinois has plenty of deer. If you're wondering why the Land of Lincoln is making statements about wildlife, there's a simple explanation.

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I would like to be clear that I've never questioned if Illinois had enough deer. I bumped one in the butt and knocked it into the ditch a few years ago not far from Mendon. Don't worry, PETA. The deer was just fine. He just looked annoyed while my car hood had a small dent with his imprint on it.

I saw 1340 WCMY share a short statement from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. It said that 53,348 deer were harvested during the first weekend of Illinois' firearm season for deer. The conclusion? Illinois' deer population is now back under control says the state. They have enough and don't need more. Thanks.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources website says firearms season will continue through the upcoming weekend. It appears that prior to the first weekend of this season, the deer population in Illinois was getting out of hand. So, the uptick of deer harvested this season has the venison equilibrium restored. Good news.

If you have hunting questions, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has a very helpful page specifying calibers and what type of rifles can be used during the current hunting season. Oh, and they have enough deer now. Thanks for asking.

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