If you ask us our predictions for 2024, these 11 much-anticipated country albums will be white-hot.

Some of these records are sure things, complete with release dates: Gabby Barrett, Conner Smith and Hardy have all issued firm announcements on their release plans for 2024. But the year is young, and there's plenty of time for country singers to share more good news.

Carly Pearce and Oliver Anthony are two more singers who have all-but-announced their next records. Plus, we're betting that fans will get a country record from at least one out-of-genre artist this year: We're looking at you, Post Malone!

Looking even further ahead, there are several artists who've given fans good reason to speculate that they might have new music up their sleeve. For some, that's simply because it's time — country singers typically tend to put out albums on a relatively predictable cycle, after all.

For others, it's a mix of new music teases, timing, and okay, maybe wishful thinking on our part. But we're going to cross our fingers and hope for an exciting 2024. Who knows? A husband-and-wife duo who had a hit in 2023 might decide to expand on their musical success this year. Heck, we might even be due for another full project from the King of Country himself!

Flip through the gallery below to see the most-buzzed-about country albums (and potential country albums) of 2024, and don't forget to drop your picks for the genre's most-anticipated albums in the comments section.

The 11 Most-Anticipated Country Albums of 2024

Our predictions for 2024? These much-anticipated country albums will be hot! Read on to get excited for all the best new records coming in country music in 2024, plus a few that haven't quite been formally announced yet.

Gallery Credit: Carena Liptak

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