Country music may not be known for songs about rage — heavy metal and hard rock have the market cornered on that one — but that doesn't mean that the country genre can't supply an excellent angry song.

The three-chord-and-the-truth genre talks about real life, after all, and sometimes, real life involves getting mad.

There's a fair bit of overlap between country songs about anger and country songs about politics, too: We live in a time when the red and blue political divides are starker than ever, and artists like Jason Aldean, Oliver Anthony, Aaron Lewis and Toby Keith have all put out music that reflects those tensions.

But if politics aren't your thing, don't worry: There's plenty else to be angry about, and these songs prove it! Check out submissions from Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Gabby Barrett and Kelsea Ballerini for proof that angry songs about love gone south are a big part of country music rage, too.

A few words of warning before diving into this list: There were a couple songs that didn't make the cut on a technicality, but they're still guaranteed to get your blood boiling. For example, Maren Morris' "The Tree" is the perfect catharsis for anyone angry, but she put out at the same time that she announced she was leaving country music, so it's debatable whether or not it's a country song.

More honorable mentions could go to Hardy songs like "Rednecker," "Truck Bed" or "Boots," but the subject matter of those songs is comparatively not all that angry — it's more the hard rock-influenced sonic style that conveys the rage effect.

There are also a number of country artists — Keith, the Chicks, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, to name a few — who've got more than one grade-A angry song to choose from.

For the purposes of this list, we selected just one great, rage-inducing track from each artist, so while songs like "White Liar," "Two Black Cadillacs, "Goodbye Earl" and "How Do You Like Me Now" could certainly have made the cut, they got edged out by other tracks from their respective artists' catalogs.

Read on as Taste of Country counts down the genre's greatest songs about anger. Is your No. 1 our No. 1? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

The 30 Angriest Country Songs, Ranked

These country music rage anthems are a force to be reckoned with! Follow along as Taste of Country counts down the top country songs about anger, ever.

Gallery Credit: Carena Liptak