Several residents have shared videos of 4 weird lights flying in the sky about 35 miles North of Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 2 weeks ago, and no one seems to know what they are.

Were Several UFOs Just Spotted Flying Over Wisconsin?

To be completely honest, I don't much buy into UFO sightings. Probably because the reality of their existence completely freaks me out, but then I see videos like this one featured by the Daily Mail and I'm like, wait, what the heck is that?!?

Several Wisconsin residents have shared similar videos in the Strange Wisconsin Facebook group trying to figure out what these moving, and quickly disappearing lights, could actually be.

Are they drones?

Are they planes?

Are they spotlights or flashlights?

Or...are they truly unidentified flying objects?, Canva, Canva

Some of the explanations members of the Strange Wisconsin group include;

Northern Lights

Low clouds and Strong flashlights

Either spot lights or lights for airplanes and helicopters not to fly so low. I worked at an airport. Nothing strange.

Those rotating spotlights on the casinos look like that in the

fog because there is more than one spotlight waving around. I used to see this in Nekoosa, too.

A man named Chris Nowak who lives in West Allis, Wisconsin, (which is located about 25 miles away from where the video above was taken), told the Daily Mail he and his family saw the same lights on December 2, 2022. Nowak said;

For the entire 20 miles that we drove we continued to see it, there was no rhythm to it… it was moving from a southwest to northeast direction, and then from a northeast to southwest direction sometimes as well.

It shot through the clouds and broke off into like three different beams from there. It moved at an incredible speed. It cleared down to the edge of the entire sky very, very quickly.

So, what do you think these weird lights could be? Could it be trickery pulled off by spotlights in low-lying clouds, OR could it truly be a UFO? We may never know the truth...and now I am completely weirded out.

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