It's road trip season! Road trips are a great way to not only see Wisconsin but other parts of the country as well.

Road-tripping is also a cost-effective way to travel versus flying despite high gas prices continuing to be a concern.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular gas as of May 30 is $3.569. The Wisconsin average thankfully falls below that at the current price of $3.379. Prices go up from there if you need other types of gas like Premium, Diesel, etc.

If Wisconsin's average is $3.379, then there are parts of the state where the price is higher and, of course, places where gas is even cheaper. Knowing where those places are can help you save money on your travels.

Where Are The Cheapest Places To Get Gas In Wisconsin?

Currently, if you were to take a look at the GasBuddy Top 10 cheapest fuel prices in Wisconsin, you'd find that there is a 9-way tie for second place.

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All of these gas stations currently have regular gas priced below the state average at $3.04 per gallon:

  1. Kwik Trip at 1267 Chippewa Crossing Boulevard in Chippewa Falls
  2. BP at N5698 850th Street in Elk Mound
  3. Kwik Trip at 3426 Melby Road in Eau Claire
  4. Cenex at 26145 West Mondovi Street in Elva
  5. Woodland Store at S5340 WI-27 in Augusta
  6. Amoco at 2943 Western Avenue in Eau Claire
  7. Sunoco at 3019 N Hastings Way in Eau Claire
  8. Cenex at 401 Railroad Avenue in Colfax
  9. Express Mart at 810 N Bridge Street in Chippewa Falls

One Gas Station Currently Has The Cheapest Gas In The Entire State

You'll often find on lists such as this that many gas stations have very similar gas prices, give a take a cent or two per gallon. However, one gas station currently has the cheapest regular gas prices in the state and it's not even close.

Popp's River Walk CItgo / Google Maps
Popp's River Walk CItgo / Google Maps

That would be Popp's River Walk Citgo, located at 50 Maritime Drive in Manitowoc, whose current gas price is $2.99, five cents cheaper than anyone currently in Wisconsin's top 10.

Keep in mind of course, that this is the most recent reported price on GasBuddy, but as you plan your Wisconsin road trips, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea to assume that all the gas stations currently in the top 10 will remain competitive with their gas prices.

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