... but we wouldn't recommend it.

None of those animals can legally be your pet in the state of Illinois, but if you move up north you're A-OK. Again, wouldn't recommend it. So which wild animals can you bring home in Wisconsin? (Even though we highly DO NOT recommend it.) Lions? Tigers? Bears? Almost, but one is missing from the list.

Exotic Pets Legal In Wisconsin
Images via Thinkstock

Sure, a monkey would be "totally cute", right? Did you ever watch Friends? Once that "cute" primate hits puberty it can be quite nasty. I'm not just talking "hugging" a lot, either. Regardless, it's completely legal to have a primate as a pet in Wisconsin. But we don't recommend it.

Even more, "large cats" and bears are legal, too. For the life of me, I can't come up with a logical reason behind have any type of them in your house. Unless you're Mike Tyson there is no way you'll be able to control them and/or defend yourself should they attack. Also, do you have any idea how big those animals get?! That's a lot of meat and you would not want to run out of food for them or... you can figure out why.

By the way, you don't even need a permit to own any of the preceding animals as pets.

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