His private jet touched down and this morning at 8:28 am Aaron Rodgers walked into Green Bay Packer camp, with a special "hey look at me," smirk.

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All of the self induced off season drama has come to an end, and Aaron Rodgers got what he wanted. The off season, off. Plenty off attention, and apparently anything and everything he wants from the Green Bay Packers.

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers
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Showing up erased the potential $50,000 fines. Showing up comes with several concessions, the big one being the final year of his contract is erased. Now Aaron Rodgers can be traded to Denver, or Vegas, or wherever.

The first full team "practice" will be this afternoon. Will Rodgers participate, who knows. According to ESPN might sit out today and wait for ALL of his readjusted contract to be finished up to his liking.

The ponytail is pulled tight, the smirk is present, and the mirrored sunglasses are on the brightest star in Green Bay Wisconsin. What does this mean for Devonte Adams, his favorite Wide Receiver target? Will Devonte rework his deal now? What are the odds that the two end up on the same team, another team, again soon?

Side note, Aaron Rodgers apparently never got fined for missing the other off season stuff...The fines could add up to about $93,000 but the Green Bay Packers are yet to assign this to Rodgers.

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