I got one of those funny looking tear check envelopes in the mail and almost tossed it, I'm glad I didn't, because it was worth $200!

Believe me, I was suspicious, a check for $200? Yeah, right. So, I asked myself what did I do to deserve this? Was this check real? If I cashed the check, is it going to bounce and then would I have to pay a bounced check fee?

So, before I cashed it I did some research. The accompanying latter came from Caribbean Cruise Line Class Action Administrator from Huntington National Bank.

The reason I got the check was because of unsolicited annoying phone call I received. It's part of a court settlement in the case of Birchmeier et al. v. Caribbean Cruise Line

This lawsuit claims that Defendants violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (the "TCPA") by making automated survey calls offering a free cruise in exchange for taking a political and/or public opinion survey. The Plaintiffs allege that Defendants marketed timeshare and vacation properties through the calls

I do recall receiving annoying calls telling me I won a free cruise, so this definitely rang a bell, but $200 for getting annoying calls...I'll take it.

It's Not Junk Mail, You Really Did Get a Check From Caribbean Cruise Line
Mark Charvat / Townsquare media

I took it to the bank, it's been three weeks and the check cleared!! Whoo hoo!  This one is real. The good news is that a second payment is going to be coming my way.

If you got this same check in the mail, cash it and spend it!

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