So with tomorrow's forecast, we're gonna feel some extreme sub-zero temps, and you want to make sure your vehicle is ready so you don't get stranded if you have to travel. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your car are ready. First off, if your car battery is over 4 years old you need to have it tested to make sure it can handle the extremely low temps. Another tip is about tires, you want to make sure they have proper tread on them. Also in cold temps, you lose 1 pound of air for every 10 degrees temp change. So if it's -27 you could lose anywhere from 5 to 6 pounds of pressure. just make sure they're properly inflated.

RooM, Getty Images

This is a big one, check your antifreeze levels in your cooling system and make sure the antifreeze you have is good for -30 below. If you're at work, check your car a couple times a day. It would even help to start it a few times periodically to make sure the battery stays charged and when you are ready to leave it will warm up faster. When on the road, if you feel your tires wobbling check to make sure there's not a lot of snow and ice built upon them. If there is a good amount of build up just take it to the car wash and blast them off. Lastly, always make sure your license plates, headlights, and taillights are free from snow build up so you can see other cars and they can see you.

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