It's been close to three years now that I lived in the Rockford area, and to my surprise, I still have yet to find my Cheers; a bar where everybody knows your name, they're always glad you came and all your troubles are the same.

What's that place for you? I mean, I have some places that I frequent, but I don't think I could classify them as being the best bar in Rockford.

According to Redditor AtlCoinKid42, I haven't even been to what he says is the "best bar in Rockford;" he hails that it's The Rue.

The Rue, Rockford Illinois
AltCoinKid42 via Reddit

I can't tell if the statement above is pure sarcasm, but it could be my kind of place; minus the 20-year-olds.

Looking at their Facebook page, the food looks pretty tasty, they have their own day- Ruesday, and they even keep it classy by offering wine.

What's not to like about this place? But, is it enough to make it Rockford's best bar?

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