I came across this picture on the Rockford Rocked Facebook page over the weekend, and I will admit it freaked me out a little bit.


Yes, I know alligators don't live here and typically cannot survive our climate.

Yes, I know drift wood and debris in the Rock River can sometimes take on weird shapes when it pops out of the water, but this image is waayyy to similar to the silhouette of an alligator swimming in the water for me to write it totally off. Here's some pictures of alligators swimming in the Everglades to prove my point...

Congress Debates Everglades Restoration In Face Of Bush Veto Threat
Getty Images
Fatal Alligator Attacks Set New Record In Florida
Getty Images

One more piece of evidence confirming that this "Rockness Monster" could be the real deal? Two years ago a live alligator was found in the Rock River and sent to Winnebago County Animal Services.


Can someone please go drive by the Whitman Street Bridge to see if this "alligator" is still there? An answer of "yes" would make us all feel sooooo much better right now.

There is one important thing I just noticed about the picture that makes me feel sooo much better about the "fakesness" of it.

What do you think it is? Can you spot it?

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