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Earlier this week RPS 205 shared more information regarding the rapidly-approaching 2020/2021 school year. The understanding, as of this writing, is that there will be a balance between e-learning and in-class instruction. Unfortunately, this understanding rests in the middle of a grey area. There seems to be no definitive explanation as far as the flexibility when choosing e-Learning like there was this past spring. Now obviously there needs to be a regimen for the students but many families with working parents might be in a jam with their job.

On Monday of this week, we received a phone call from an anonymous "Rockford teacher" who claimed to work with RPS 205 "sometimes". She told us e-Learning would happen at the same time as in-class instruction with the students at home joining the class in real-time through Microsoft Teams. The same evening as when we played her call over the radio, an RPS 205 official reached out by email claiming she (the "teacher") has shared misinformation.

The school official expressed wanting to clear the air on this subject. We understood and invited her or any school official on to our show to fix this. We offered her the opportunity to call in the very next morning. Here's her response:

That’s too short of a turnaround. I reached out to try to correct some misinformation I was told was shared this morning. Can you give me an idea of what you’d like to discuss, and I can find the correct person?

Our response:

No problem, I totally understand. We could do it Wednesday morning at the same time, or any time before 10 am.
Clarification on the remote learning, particularly the flexibility of it for families, would be the most important info we would like to convey.

Here we are at the end of the week and we've yet to receive a response. During this period of time, RPS 205 has released more information in regards to in-class instructions and has also partaken in various Facebook Live sessions. The thing RPS 205 has not done is share more detailed information about e-Learning. I understand this is a challenging time but, at the same time, if the information shared to us is true "misinformation" one would think they would want to clarify what is actually correct. The lack of response leads me to believe they either do not know what their plan is or they're waiting to drop an "all e-Learning" bomb on students and family.

Even if their e-Learning plans are not 100% set in stone at least make parents aware instead of keeping them in the dark.

Dear RPS 205,

Parents want to know what their e-Learning school year will be like. The ball is in your court.

- All RPS 205 Parents

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