Masks. No one loves them, but we know sometimes it's in our best interest to wear them. But what if your mask hurts? Well, we found a solution.

I've always loved getting mail. Honestly I don't even mind when the mail is a bill (as long as I can pay it online...) but my favorite place to get mail is at 97ZOK, because it's usually pretty fun mail.

Yesterday I got the coolest mail! A mask strap made by a local student.

I got a letter from the Auto Mechanic Instructor at Roosevelt Community Education Center, who says he also instructs students in the Special Education Vocational Training Extended Campus Program.

The instructor, Chris, explained that one of the pieces of equipment the students are trained to use is the 3D Printer and that most recently students created a mask strap to use to help release tension around the back of the head that sometimes happens when masks are worn for a long time.

One of the students, Miguel wanted to share one with me.


How cool is that?

Not only is this a really cool invention to help mask problems, but also how awesome it is that students are printing these?

What an awesome opportunity to use real world ideas and skills in the classroom. Thanks so much for sending this to me Miguel and Chris!

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