There's a new trend happening with birthdays.

Many are trading the sugary, frosted cake for something meatier.

Is Rockford ready for the newest trend?

I love birthday cake, actually I love the cake more than the frosting. Yes I'm the weirdo that peels the frosting off just to eat the spongy, moist cake that's underneath it.

However, there are some like my niece, that don't like cake at all to mark their special day.

I know it almost doesn't seem right to not have cake for your birthday.

For those that don't want or like cake, there's a new trend. Instead of a frosted creation filled with ganache or buttercream, it's to have a meat cake.

Yes, you read that right. It's a cake made entirely out of meat.

I came across this article from Insiderthat found the big trend happening overseas in Japan are birthday cakes made entirely our of meat.

Whether it's meat that will be grilled up at your table, like they do in restaurants throughout Japan.


Or cakes made out of cold cuts, like the one Amy Sedaris of the new show "At Home with Amy Sedaris" made.


Either way, these cakes are becoming the big trend for birthdays and other celebrations. Instead of the traditional frosted tiered pieces we are used to seeing, it's now all about the meat.

So what do you say Rockford are you ready for this meaty masterpiece?

Just think there could birthday cakes made of Uncle Nick's gyros, or Portillo's Philly cheese steaks. How about a rib cake from Famous Dave's?

Hmmm... It's not to far fetched, I guess.

I mean the idea of Meat Cake has been around since the late comedian George Carlin discussed it on stage.

Now my next question is, are these cakes preferred more by men or women?

What do you say ladies? Would you want a meat cake?




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