I drive by the corner of Bell School and Newburg Roads in Rockford almost daily, and one thing has been bothering me for weeks; they have started building something there and I NEED to know what it is.

My parents live very near to this area, so my Mom and I have made it our mission to get to the bottom of the mystery construction. I think we have just cracked the case thanks to this picture shared on the NextDoor app...

NextDoor App


I know that picture is hard to read since it was taken through a screen, so let me just clear things up for you. It's a picture of the electrical permit for CASEYS GENERAL STORE to build at the site location at 1410 Bell School Rd. in Rockford!


Now that construction is nearly finished on the new Casey's General Store at the corner of Mulford and Harrison Roads, I guess they can move onto finishing this new location. One thing is for darn sure; Casey's isn't playing around when it comes to getting Rockford addicted to their famous pizza! We look forward to tasting it VERY soon.



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