The reopening of businesses in Rockford is definitely a time for celebration. The COVID-19 battle isn't over yet, so we need to be smart about our celebrations, but the other most important thing we need to do right now is support one another. Shop local. Lift spirits. Help others in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a hurt on so many businesses, including O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub in Rockford, but instead of closing shop, they are offering their services to free to other businesses in Winnebago County. How awesome is that?!?

O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub has awesome inflatable pubs that people can rent for parties, events, etc., but since the COVID-19 pandemic is still restricting large gatherings, these inflatable pubs are sitting unused. So, instead of having the pubs continue to lay deflated and sad, O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub is hoping other businesses will use them to help them get back on their feet...

If you're a business owner reopening your offices and hoping to boost employee moral, or you need to raise awareness and increase sales, don't hesitate to contact O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub to see how they can help. Contact them at inflateopub.comor check them out on Facebook.

The owner of O'Donnell's Inflate O'Pub, Ted O'Donnell, has a massive love for the Rockford community and is constantly giving to it. He recently battled COVID-19 and came out victorious, and I want to personally thank him for all he is doing to boost spirits and help others in need in the midst of this pandemic. Thanks for getting "it", Ted. Thanks for turning your losses into a gain for others. Thanks for loving Rockford so darn much, we are SO lucky to have you in this community!

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