May 29 is turning out to be a huge day for Illinois as tons of businesses and restaurants are allowed to reopen and that includes, Woodfield Mall. 

I'm so torn about this. Woodfield is my home. My mom always tells me she took me there before I was baptized and my grandma got mad at her. I've spent years using Woodfield as a place to go when I'm happy or a place to make me happy when I'm sad... but is it really time for malls to open already?

Whatever opinion you have on the matter, tomorrow the doors will be unlocked for the first time in two months.

Simon Property Group announced the reopening in conjunction with a planned media tour at 9 a.m. Friday led by mall manager Laurie Van Dalen. The Schaumburg shopping center will operate on limited business hours and follow Simon's COVID-19 Exposure Mitigation Protocol, which includes required facial coverings, social distancing and reduced capacity limits.

While I'm a little nervous about the mall opening, especially with what happened today in Minnesota at the Mall of America, I have three dresses I need to return to Express and I'd really love to get them out of my car.

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