A man from Sandwich, Illinois was hit by a vehicle driven by his wife.

When I saw the headline "Wife accidentally runs over husband with truck" from daily-chronicle.com, I immediately thought there might be some foul play involved.

Yeah right, a wife "accidentally" runs over her husband. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you." What did he do to make her that angry, that she would hit him with her truck?

Remember that is just speculation from just reading the headline. This is a good lesson to learn. Don't just go off the headline. Take the time and read the story.

Here's what actually happened.

The man was picking up trash in a ditch alongside a road. His wife was following along with him when she hit him by accident. I don't think it was deliberate. Just a case of her not being a very good driver.

The husband was taken to the hospital where his non-life threatening injuries were treated.

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