Earlier this week a tough question hit Facebook.

Within a few minutes of this graphic being published hundreds of Facebook users jumped in to make their selection. None of these much-loved Rockford eating options went unmentioned. Truthfully, I lost count of which eatery was "in the lead" so to speak after the 100ish comment. This hypothetical situation isn't one to be taken lightly, either. If this were debated in a court of law there would be valid arguments for each restaurant. Of course, the conversation has to go beyond the realm of french fries because three of the four options all have mouthwatering fries. While some could argue two of the four have a massive menu the other two have specific "must eat" items. Personally, I'm still struggling with which would be my choice. This is harder than asking someone who loves all genres of music to pick their favorite song, and only one. It's just not doable.

Of the 600+ comments (as of this article) there was one responsive that stood out amongst the rest. in fact, in my mind, this response is an outrage. (Ok, I'm not being serious but it did make my jaw drop in disbelief.)


How? How is this possible? Maybe it's because I love food and I love eating but I'm perplexed, to say the least.

I did a little research and learned Billie lives about an hour west of Rockford. This makes more sense as to why Billie has missed out on these must-try places to eat. Everything she and her family needs has options closer to home. But, one day, I hope Billie plans a day trip to Rockford solely for trying one item from each menu.

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