When I was a little child I remember my grandparents getting so mad at squirrels. "Herb, that @#&% squirrel got into the bird feeder again. You need to do something or it won't end well for him!" As a kid, I thought the whole situation was hilarious. Looking back and reliving it in my head, it still makes me laugh. The best part was my grandfather setting live traps to catch that pesky squirrel and sprayed the end of his tail with very bright spray paint. He did this because he wanted to know if he was dealing with one single squirrel or a scurry or them. It turns out if was one squirrel who loved to get his munch on at that particular bird feeder. He ended up catching him again, driving to a forest preserve a few miles away, and letting the squirrel go to be someone else's problem.

To answer your question: yes. I know spray painting a squirrel's tail is kind of messed of and would not fly these days but it is what it is. Grandpa is long gone so there's no way to punish him. Although, the park the squirrel was released in isn't too far from my grandparents' eternal resting place so may he pops by to cause trouble at their gravesites. Who knows. Either way, there are other ways to stop those pesky squirrels from getting at your bird feed.

A Rockford woman found an interesting way to stop a squirrel from climbing a pole and feasting on some bird feed. Honestly, her method is much more enjoyable.

Watch what happens with this squirrel encounters a slinky for the first time.

You can find more tips for keeping squirrels away from your bird feeders here.

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