A woman who stopped at a gas station made a very serious mistake, but quickly came to the rescue of her child.

You would think that if you had a child in your car and you had to run into the convenience store, you would lock your car doors, or at least remove the keys from the ignition.

How could anyone make a mistake like this? According to DNAInfo, a woman left her vehicle at a gas station pump, at a Southside Chicago gas station, leaving her door unlocked and keys in the ignition, and leaving her infant in the car. Shortly after, another vehicle pulls up to another pump. The driver exits the vehicle walks over and enters the woman's vehicle, opens the door with no struggle and begins to drive away. The woman sprints out of the gas station and begins chase.

Did the thief get away? No! According to DNAinfo as the car thief drove out of the camera range,  police say the woman chased down the car down and jumped on the hood. The thief got out and ran away. The good news is that the child inside the attempted stolen vehicle was safe.

  • Rule number 1: Never leave your cars in the ignition at a gas station (or even in the car)
  • Rule number 2: Don't do stupid stuff! (*my rule)

I'm sorry, but I have to ask how anyone could be so stupid as to leave their car unlocked with anything valuable inside (a baby, for instance), for even a split second?

Recently, Chicago has seen a rash of automobile thefts as a result of vehicle owners leaving their keys in the cars, and some owners who left their car running.

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