You don't have to spill hot coffee on yourself anymore to make millions, now you can just complain about it.At least that that's the idea one Illinois woman has in mind. Her target: Starbucks!

NBC 5 news is reporting that an Stacy Pincus, of Chicago, is suing Starbucks for $5 million. For What? She believes the amount of ice in her java is excessive.  She contends that there is too much ice, not enough coffee. In fact, she contends that nearly half of her drink is ice. 14 oz of coffee and 10 oz of ice

Court documents were filed in Northern Illinois Federal Court last Wednesday.

Do you think she will get $5 million? Not an ice cube's chance on a slab of hot Rockford asphalt on an sunny August afternoon.

Do you think Pincus will be able to 'roast' the company? Pincus believes customers who have ordered the icey drinks in the past, should get their money back.

I don't know about you, but I always ask for less ice in my drinks. You do have the option of asking at Starbucks.