What's worse than not getting what you ordered? Finding something gross in your food.

Brace yourself, this is about to get gross. You're not going to believe what this young woman found in her spaghetti. You may never want to eat at this restaurant again.

Kaleigh Crum was shocked and sickened when she spotted what she thought was something nasty in her food. At first glance she thought she it was a latex glove.

It actually wasn't a glove like she first thought. It was actually a noodle bag which isn't any better. She was obviously still disgusted by the discovery, according to her Facebook post.

Did this happen in Rockford or Machesney Park? No, thankfully it wasn't anywhere near here but in Marion, IL. This isn't a first for that restaurant. A food blogger wrote about a similar incident involving a piece of glass. No, thank you.

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