Starbucks lovers, you my want to sit down for this. By 2019, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago will be home to the World's largest Starbucks Roastery, and no, it's not so they can sell Unicorn Frappuccinos full time.

The 4-level roastery planned for Chicago will not just be a huge store you can buy Starbucks coffee at, it will be a getaway into the creative world of your favorite coffee brand; the "Willly Wonka of coffee" if you will.

According to the Chicago Tribune;

Chicago's Roastery will feature interactive tours, multiple brewing methods and specialty Reserve drinks. In addition to selling Reserve drinks and beans, all Roastery locations will feature foods such as artisan breads from Italian baker Rocco Princi.

Now, for the million dollar question; where on Chicago's Magnificent Mile will this roastery be? At the corner of Michigan Ave. and Erie Street, apparently. Yes, that is the current location of Crate & Barrel, so now you're probably wondering what does the future hold for that Crate & Barrel store? You may not like this news from the Trib;

Crate & Barrel spokeswoman Jill Assad said the store will remain open through the holiday season, likely closing by early 2018. Its other store in the city, on North Avenue in the Clybourn Corridor, will remain open, she said.

Final designs for Starbucks' Chicago Roastery are still being worked out, but rumor has it the current plans involve a "dramatic escalator" perfect for the "Willy Wonka theme". Interesting. I can't wait to see it.

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