In today's world, it is unsurprising to jump on Facebook or Twitter and find people oversharing about their life, bashing things they don't agree with or are not interested in, or questions/tips.

Personally, I love reading inquisitive posts in Facebook groups, especially if it is a public group. Sometimes the questions are a little too personal or completely unrelated to the group itself, which can potentially lead to some great responses.


This week, I spotted a question in a group that led that I knew would garner great responses. Little did I know some would be priceless.

William Perugini

Let's assume her question was incomplete.

If anyone is interested

Literally, that was her question(?). Nothing else from her followed, not even in the comments.

What was she hoping users in the 'What's Happening in Belvidere, IL?' group might be interested in? Was it food-related? Did it have to do with something she was trying to sell or give away?

Whatever she thought the group might be interested in yielded great responses.

Let's take a look.


Perhaps if coffee were involved there may have been some interest.


Was her question purposeful clickbait?


People weren't showing interest but these responses get better and better.


Even though there was a critical spelling error, that particular food item would have definitely drummed up some interest.


We will never know what the intended end of her question is because she deleted the post, which is a shame because the comment was genuinely interesting.

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