If you're living in Illinois or Wisconsin as a single person and wondering where your cheddar aligns as far as covering the basic cost of living, this will bring joy or depression.

A recent report by CNBC has uncovered that a single person can live the dream in the land of the Badgers for a little less moola compared to their neighbors down in Illinois.

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If you're flying solo in Illinois and want to maximize your cheddar, you may want to consider moving to Wisconsin.

This study shows life in Illinois, home of sometimes costly deep-dish pizza, will cost you a little bit more because, you know, big city life ain't cheap.


How much is the cost of living for a single person in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's cost of living for a single individual isn't low enough for someone to worry about stuffing a mattress with dollar bills to get a good night's sleep.

It just means they'd have enough to cover your basics, like a roof over their head, three meals, and the occasional indulgence in those squeaky cheese delights.

According to this study that probably involved a lot of number crunching and late-night coffee, living the single life in Wisconsin requires an end-of-year income of $40,428.


Shifting to the Land of Lincoln, a.k.a. Illinois, your dollar won't go as far. If you need that deep dish, those sporting event tickets, and costly craft brews, Illinois will test your bank account and credit cards.

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The magic number here is a tad higher – a not-so-pocket-friendly $45,552.

I don't know about you but that's some serious dough (pun intended) you've got to bring to the table to savor a relatively less-than-mundane life in Illinois.

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