Don't get caught off guard by the dramatic change in temperature that will happen through the weekend in Illinois and Wisconsin.

It Will Feel Like All Four Seasons in One Weekend

According to the current forecast from the National Weather Service, the first half of the weekend is expected to be warmer than average with temperatures in the mid-80s around the Rockford region and in greater Chicagoland on Saturday (6/10).

Most of Saturday will be clear with sunny skies with a slight chance of some rain before 7 pm, but on Saturday night showers are likely with "new precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible" after 1 am.

Lows on Saturday night are expected to be in the middle 50s

Temperature Could Drop More Than 40 Degrees By Sunday

Rain is likely to continue through midday on Sunday (6/11) in Rockford and high temperatures will only be in the upper 60s, according to the National Weather Service.

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On Sunday night, skies will clear up and temperatures will drop into the lower 40s across northern Illinois, with almost 40 degrees of difference from the high temperatures on Saturday.

Rain Hangs Around to Start Work Week

There's a 20 percent chance of showers for the Rockford region on Monday (6/12) with temperatures staying in the lower 70s and a slight chance of rain on Monday night.

Temperatures will warm back up into the 80s on Tuesday (6/13) and stay there through next Friday (6/16), according to the current National Weather Service forecast for Rockford.

Chicago will have fantastic weather next week, according to the current Weather Channel forecast.

Monday (6/12) will be sunny and 66 and then stay in the mid-70s with mostly sunny skies through at least Thursday (6/15).

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