Really? Are we still that kind of society where people are judged by such a standard? It happened to a WGN-TV reporter in Chicago this week.Marcella Raymond is a reporter for channel 9, and she got just such letter from a viewer this past week and shared the details on TV.

WGN-TV reports that Raymond has been been a reporter for the TV station for 18 years.

The unsolicited unsigned typed letter Raymond revived at the TV station said:

Please allow me to point out (with great respect) that you have gained too much weight,  being heavier than you probably want to be does present a message to the viewer: this person is not able to discipline herself in a visual medium. It interferes with your real message when reporting.

Raymond could have kept this private, but decided to make it public.

She said:

I know I'd like to lose some weight -- and I will eventually -- but it's for me. Not for anybody else.

You can read the exact contents of the viewer's letter HERE.

(My thoughts) There is no place for this kind of disrespect to occur in today's world. It is sad that there are people who decide to disseminate this nonsense and hurt other people's feelings. I salute Marcella Raymond for having the courage to share.