After a recent study showed there were no accidents for several months at two Rockford intersections, and because of public support, a couple of traffic signals are going to be removed.

Which 2 Traffic Control SIgnals are Coming Down?

Because of the changing traffic load around town, the City of Rockford is continuing to look at "signalized intersections that may no longer warrant traffic signals" and have made the decision to remove two of the signals at the following intersections:

  • 6th Street and 5th Avenue
  • Winnebago Street and Mulberry Street

Be Prepared for New Traffic Patterns

According to a press release from the City of Rockford's Traffic and Development Engineer Jeremy Carter, the study of these two intersections began back in October of 2022, and during the monitoring period there were "no reported accidents at the intersection."

While the results from the traffic monitoring showed no need for an additional traffic control light, four-way stop signs are going to be installed at both 6th Street/5th Avenue and Winnebago/Mulberry once the traffic signals are completely removed.

Removal of unwarranted signals improves traffic flow along the corridor and saves the City money on signal maintenance. -City of Rockford Public Works

More traffic signal lights could be taken down throughout the city as further studies are completed that show where they are obsolete.

When will the traffic lights be coming down?

No date on when the traffic lights at both intersections will officially be removed, but when they are keep your eyes open for the four-way stop signs that will take its place.

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