There are a lot of boring days in the beginning of the year, but when the calendar hits February, there's one day we all care about: Groundhog Day. 

First of all... did you know it's Groundhog Day? Not Groundhog's or Groundhogs? For my whole 34 and three fourths of life I thought there was an 's' at the end.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Wednesday... Groundhog Day.

It's the chilly February day that gives us hope for spring. Will we have to wait until April to break out the shorts or will we be enjoying the sun in March?

It all depends on if the groundhog (one guy) sees his shadow.

I also have a tough time remembering what the shadow means, but I confirmed today with Woodstock Willie that we do NOT want to see the shadow, unless you love winter.

Where's the best place in Illinois to be a part of the Groundhog Day festivities? Woodstock of course!

For starters, the movie Groundhog Day was filmed there, so it's a cool place to experience some movie nostalgia, but on top of that the city goes all out to prep for the big day.

In fact they started on Friday. But if you missed the fun this weekend, there's still time to have some fun. 

Tonight at 7pm, you can catch Jim May's Groundhog Tales, tomorrow Dowdle Puzzle Competition, Groundhog Day Open House and a showing of Groundhog Day the Movie, plus a host of events on Wednesday.

Might as well take the day off.

Don't forget to catch Woodstock Willie tonight on Good Day Stateline at 5:30 and 11pm on FOX 39.

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