Exhaustion doesn't come close to describing how thousands of teachers feel, yet they still 'show up' in pretty amazing ways. We all should be this grateful.

Congratulations to 97ZOK's new Teacher Of The Week, Stephanie Fuhr from Windsor Elementary School in Loves Park, Illinois

When we reached out to let Stephanie know about this honor, she was home recovering from her second round of covid.

We talked about exhaustion and how the last couple years have really taken its toll on teachers everywhere. Yet, so many "take it in stride" and keep pushing to their absolute best to make sure everyone around them gets what it is they need to thrive.

Amongst all the extra challenges to teaching, Stephanie showed the best parts of her heart for a 'different kind of student' in her classroom. Below is the nomination letter sent to us by Angel Colvin, she writes,

I know my daughter is not your typical student, but rather a student teacher who taught under Stephanie. Let me start by saying that Stephanie is not only an outstanding teacher but a wonderful human being. To say that my daughter hit a few bumps in the road during her student teaching is an understatement. She faced many life challenges beyond her control during her time with Stephanie. But instead of viewing it as an inconvenience, Stephanie showered her with love, kindness, and empathy. While doing so, Stephanie built my daughter up and made her believe that she could do anything! Stephanie also instilled a love of teaching that will forever live in my daughter's heart. Stephanie is an inspirational role model that we should all strive to be. When life can be cruel, we all need a Stephanie in our lives. I am one grateful mother. I am thankful for Stephanie and hopeful that there are many more teachers that have such wonderful qualities.

Illinois Teacher Brought to Tears By Grateful Mom's Heartfelt Letter

As 97ZOK's Teacher Of The Week, Stephanie Fuhr was surprised with a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist and a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. You can nominate your favorite teacher right here.

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