The Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois is setting the record straight about some disturbing news that's circulating about its beloved Superman statue.

Illinois' Most Road Trip-Worthy Destinations

Illinois is known for a lot of random things like the World's largest catsup bottle in Collinsville or the Poop Fountain in Chicago, but the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois is a legitimately cool place to visit if you love Superman.

Super Museum via Facebook
Super Museum via Facebook

Sure, you can view over 70,000 pieces of Superman memorabilia and buy Superman apparel, soaps, bath bombs, signs and so much more at the Super Museum's gift shopbut their real claim to fame is the massive Superman statue that lives outside of it.

What Came First? Metropolis, IL, or the Superman Statue?

Now that we understand there's a museum in Illinois dedicated to all things Superman and that a massic statue of the comic book hero lives there too, I'm curious to know which came first, the city or the statue?

According to;

In 1973 comic book artist Neal Adams was commissioned to illustrate ideas for a proposed "Amazing World of Superman" theme park. It would cost $50 million to build in Metropolis, Illinois, the official Hometown of Superman (as proclaimed by both DC Comics and the Illinois House of Representatives). Visitors would enter the park between the straddled legs of a 200-foot-tall statue of the Man of Steel.

Well, the massive Superman theme park never happened, but a 15-foot-tall, three-ton Superman statue certainly did.

While Metropolis' Superman Statue certainly had a rough time in its early life, (read about it here), today the statue is made completely of bronze making it just an indestructible as the Superhero himself...or is it?

Did Superman Just Meet His Real-Life Kryptonite?

On Monday, February 27, 2023, Metropolis Illinois News posted this alarming photo on Facebook following wicked winds that blew through the area, and by no surprise, the photo quickly went viral...

Remember earlier when I said Metropolis' current Superman Statue is made completely of bronze?

Yeah, not even high winds can bring this caped crusader down...the story is completely FAKE! Here's all the proof you need...

We're so glad you are still alive and well, Superman. You'll have to be more clever next time, Metropolis Illinois News.

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