UPDATE: Per Rockford Police Department, the weapon of the subject was indeed classified as a rifle.

However, credible sources tell me a photo of the weapon would not have been made available to Rockford Scanner. This means either someone outside of law (possibly inside the Airbnb) would have provided the photo RS shared or it is not even the actual photo of the gun from the scene of the crime.

Moreover, the article was a question of the validity of the image shared by that specific website as well as highlighting RS's consistent questioning of the Rockford Police Department. The reason for the questioning of the gun can be found below.

RS also limited who can comment on the post.



A popular Facebook page's attempt to blast Rockford Police for being "silent" about a recent incident may have backfired.


Rockford Scanner's Facebook account's 'about me' describes the page as "posts and info are for entertainment purposes only", with the latter being more accurate.


The website's 'about me' is not exactly accurate.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The fact is, Rockford Scanner is not an accredited, bonafide news source. In fact, the "info and entertainment" website has zero media credentials and is not a favorite for many local law enforcement departments and emergency services.


In the past, Rockford Scanner's owner and contributors have gotten in the away or inserted themselves into an active scene. This is a big no-no, which any accredited news outlet understands, and more often than not, respects.

There is also a common theme of bashing local police departments.


It could be debated the information shared by the hobby website is sometimes accurate however, moments like these are cringeworthy.

There was a recent incident in Rockford involving Rockford Police and the SWAT team, the scanner posted about the scene but was not able to confirm any information.

The site, as it has done in the past, went into fearmongering mode.

This scene happened this afternoon near the corner of Woodridge and Javelin

Again, officials have not released any information, or confirmed anything.

We can only confirm several officers and the SWAT team are working an unknown scene.

Numerous sources have told us the public may be in danger, from this scene.

We can only confirm numerous police/SWAT are on scene.


If local authorities did not issue a safety warning to the public, why say "numerous sources have told us the public may be in danger"?

On September 19, late in the evening, they shared an image of a gun allegedly found at the scene. (You can see it here.)

Again, recall that note from above.

officials have not released any information, or confirmed anything.

If local law enforcement didn't share any information with the faux news site or confirm any details how did they acquire this photo?

RPD is once again SILENT when we asked about the scene….


It seems so, based on the response of a local veteran.

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More comments followed, many mocking the photo.

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