Whether it be the stress of the situation or just boredom, we did plenty of drinking while in lockdown.

American Addiction Centers dropped the results from a survey of 3,000 people asking how much they drank while in lockdown.

Illinois is nowhere near the top when it comes to the "most drinky" state in the US, we certainly tied it on a time or two.

I don't drink a whole lot but I found myself reaching for a bottle of bourbon more often than normal while we were sheltering in place this past Spring.

Illinois residents according to American Addiction Centers spent 191 hours drunk during lockdown, outpacing Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin and most other midwest states.

I thought the 191 hours were real high but compared to a few other states, like South Dakota, which spent 468 hours drunk, I was impressed with our ability to cope.

The only other state in the midwest that drank more during lockdown than Illinois was Minnesota, coming in with 272 hours.

Here are the five states that spent the most time drunk during lockdown.

  1. South Dakota 468
  2. New Mexico 444
  3. New Jersey 375
  4. Montana 339
  5. Colorado 337

We spent a lot of time drinking across the United States while in lockdown. I just hope we don't see a new "drunk in lockdown" study again, like, ever again.

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