The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now estimating that over 1 million people who have received either a Moderna or Pfizer vaccination have decided to go back for more.

Florida leads the nation in people who've gone in unilaterally for a third dose, or "booster shot," but Illinois is close behind, followed by Ohio, California, and Tennessee.

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What About People Who Got The Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot Vaccine?

According to ABC News, the news organization that got a peek at some internal documents at the CDC, the estimated 1.1 million people who've decided to get another shot of the COVID-19 vaccine might be an undercount because "although it counts Moderna and Pfizer shot recipients it ignores people who may have received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and got another shot."

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Is It Dangerous To Get A Third Shot Or Booster Shot Before Being Told To?

As of right now, the CDC is only recommending a 3rd, or booster shot, to individuals who fit the description of "immuno-compromised." The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that boosters for the immuno-compromised may be recommended within the next few weeks, but has not been recommended yet.

While some doctors admit to telling their immuno-compromised patients to get a third shot, other doctors worry that while the vaccine's immunity wears off over time, getting a booster shot too early could lead to less effectiveness than getting a booster shot at the recommended time.

Do Pharmacists Know That You're Lying About Needing Another Vaccination?

I'm going to go with a definite yes to that question. WGN-TV News talked to some pharmacies in Arkansas about those who lie to get another dose:

Pharmacies in Arkansas report they’ve also been noticing people lying about their vaccination status to receive a booster dose before it’s approved. While health officials had hoped Pfizer’s full FDA approval would encourage the unvaccinated to get a shot, pharmacists on the frontline are saying the only noticeable result they’ve seen is more people lying that they’ve never received a COVID-19 vaccine to get the third dose.

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