When it comes to law enforcement, some people take a positive view, while others go negative...and tweet about it. A police department in Northern Illinois decided to go public with some of the negative tweets that received, in a very humorous way.

Jimmy Kimmel, step aside, here comes the Park Forest Police Department. Officers stepped in front of the cameras to read some of their mean tweets they received. Just like when celebrities on Jimmy Kimmel read mean tweets aimed at them, the police did the same here, and the results were hilarious.

Police did this to show that have a sense of community and a good sense of humor.

We channeled our inner to have some fun w/ mean tweets aimed at the PFPD. Hey, cops have feelings too!

Police departments all across the United States have taken to social media, to not only issue important bulletins to residents, but to also have a little fun to let people know that cops have feelings, too.

As far as "mean tweets", the Park Forest Police received some doozys.


We applaud the police for having a great sense of humor.

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